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We would like to dedicate this part of the website to honor those that have donated time and talent to perform for our project. Without them, our project would not have been possible.

More stuff

More wiki pages added and Milestones on Trac finished.


Edited/Added some pages on the wiki, set the ground terms for quality and ported the proposed instrument list over.

Also made a small project icon for the wiki.


So our SourceForge account is up and running! (*insert cheers here*) We’ve implemented a mediawiki, Trac, and WordPress.

Things still on the ToDo:

  • Edit the wiki
  • Get a basic small icon
  • Add some tickets on Trac for the milestones.
  • Add a contributors category
  • Start our recording

What is Audience? Audience is a open project that attempt to create a instrument sample library for Pro Audio use. Our goal is to create high quality free (as in speech and in beer) files to be used in samplers or sequencers. This will allow artists to express their creativity with less expense to themselves and to give young composers a chance to hear what their compositions can sound like.  With software and music piracy becoming an increasing issue in our culture, this project will be able to address the need for piracy of instrument samples.